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change of domicile

Change of Domicile

Permission is needed. Plan ahead.

When a parent wants to move to another state with a child, permission from the court is needed.  Moving with a child to another state is going to change the relationship between the non-moving parent and the child. 

This is a significant change to the parental relationship and this should be discussed with our attorneys before even contacting the other parent to make sure that all of the proper considerations and preparations are made to make the best presentation for the move.  Conversely, if you are presented with a change, you should immediately contact our attorneys to make sure all of your interests are protected.  Of course, you can always reach an agreement with the other parent, but there are many considerations in making a smart decision for you and your child.

If after proper preparation and communication with the other parent, an agreement cannot be reached, the court will need to consider any change of domicile.  The court will look at certain factors before making a decision on whether to permit the child to move to another state. 

In Michigan, judges make decisions (when there is joint legal custody) based on a review that includes the following questions:

A change of domicile is a serious move and a review of the circumstances must be made as soon as possible to obtain the best result.  Contacting The Smart Law Group is the best way to make the smartest choices for your future.

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