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child support

Child Support

Child support in Wayne County and the State of Michigan is arrived at by following specific guidelines set by the law.  

So, in every divorce case where there is a minor child or children, the Court is required to order the payment of child support based on the Michigan Child Support Guidelines.   

There are very few exceptions to payment of child support according to those Guidelines. 

How is Child Support Determined?

Child support is determined by a formula that includes the following factors: 

The “Guideline” formula must be followed by the Court unless the Court determines that there is a valid reason for a “deviation” from the mandatory Guidelines.

It is worth noting that a “deviation” from the Guidelines is not typical. Also, in most situations, one parent cannot usually agree to zero support.

Orders of Support and Withholding

In addition to the Order for support, there will also be an Order of Income Withholding requiring the paying parent’s employer to withhold the support directly from the paycheck.  

This is also mandatory unless the Court agrees that there is a good reason not to order income withholding. 

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Rules of Child Support

Other rules you should know that apply to child support include: 

And failure to pay court ordered child support has serious consequences.  
That could result in liens on property, like a house, loss of professional licenses and, in extreme cases, criminal penalties, including jail time. 

So if you found us because you’re considering not paying child support or are in a position where you cannot pay it, reach out immediately to help avoid severe penalties.  

Divorce Lawyers and the Rules of Support

Despite all of the “rules” described above, issues still often arise as to the information that is used to calculate the support.  And that’s where having experienced, effective legal representation can make all the difference.  

Issues and Arguments that Shape Support Orders 

The issues that influence rulings around the Michigan rules on child support and parenting time can involve arguments over the following: 

Another issue related to child support is who is entitled to claim a child as a dependent for tax purposes. 

Settling Child Support Issues

Child support issues can be complicated! You need an experienced attorney to help you weed through the rules and your current situation.  We can help – just schedule a call today. 

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