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What is your “real” question?

It’s more than just answers, it’s a conversation.  It’s more than just a conversation, it’s communicating.

It’s easy to answer your questions.  It’s easy to have an answer for everything.  However, the best part of answering questions for you is knowing what questions to ask you.  You haven’t done this before.  You aren’t supposed to know the questions.

The real question is, what is your real question?  You probably want more than just an answer, you want understanding.  Understanding takes more than a question and an answer.

What’s going to happen? What should I expect? How is it going to feel?  How long will it take?  What am I doing to do when it’s done?  What does this process look like?  Will you help me?  Will you be there for me?

It takes a conversation.  It takes more than two minutes on the phone.  It takes more than five minutes on the phone.  Emails and texts don’t have the capacity to provide understanding.  Having an opportunity to ask questions creates an opportunity to have a conversation about what you need and how you get there.  The best conversation is a face-to-face conversation.

Having that conversation removes the cloud of not knowing.  Having that conversation opens up the opportunity to know your options and make good, might I add smart, decisions about your future.  With that knowledge, you can move forward with finding your best solution, whether that is finding solutions within your marriage, purposefully delaying a decision, or moving forward with your divorce.

So… what’s your real question?

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