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parenting time

Parenting Time

Parenting time is supposed to be based on common sense and the best interest of the child.

Michigan law provides that each parent is entitled to parenting time with their children.  If parents cannot agree on a parenting time schedule for their children, the Judge will decide what is in the children’s best interest based on many factors.  The parenting time schedule will usually include details such as, where and when the children will live during weekdays, weekends, holidays, school breaks and summer vacations.  Parenting time schedules can include any other days and times that are important for the child and/or the parent, but the focus is always on the children’s best interest. 

It is worth noting that the parenting time schedule can affect child support payments.  While custody and parenting time is an entirely separate matter from child support, it often is a consideration with this issue which can complicate parenting time agreements.

The Smart Law Group will review these issues with you closely so that the best decisions are made you and your child or children.

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