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Divorce, Retirement, SSIPs and 401Ks in Michigan

image of blueprint stuff and ruler with pension funds label

Different companies have different retirement plans, so it is important to understand the retirement benefits that are available and that have been accumulated during a marriage to determine their proper division in a divorce.  The following are two examples of retirement benefits that are available with two of the largest employers in Michigan. Ford Motor […]

What is your “real” question?

It’s more than just answers, it’s a conversation.  It’s more than just a conversation, it’s communicating. It’s easy to answer your questions.  It’s easy to have an answer for everything.  However, the best part of answering questions for you is knowing what questions to ask you.  You haven’t done this before.  You aren’t supposed to […]

Good Information and Smart Choices

You have questions.  You need answers.  You deserve answers. One of the biggest problems people have when they are forced to think about the possibility of divorce is the lack of information.  Far too often, people rely on friends, family and sometimes even strangers for advice because they are afraid to call an attorney.  Many […]

Is 72 hours after getting married too soon to get a divorce?

True story… Client calls my office on a Monday morning and says he made a “terrible mistake” over the weekend.  I had represented him on some other legal matters that were very low on the “terrible” scale and I thought he was calling about something criminal and I was getting ready for a horrible story […]

The Smart Rules in Divorce

There are many issues to consider in every divorce case and the following “Rules” are some basic matters to consider in every case… and better yet, before your divorce is even started.  Also, there is more to consider than what is just on this list. There are many issues to consider in every divorce case […]